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We provide both virtual CGI tours and real world 360 panorama tours delivered through our client portal or standalone app. CGI tours fully immerse users in the project environment giving a level of detail unsurpassed by traditional 3d imagery. Our clients have enjoyed the benefits of our real world tours both as real-time construction reporting to do virtual walkarounds at key stages within a project and at end of projects to provide the most accurate documentation of completed buildings.

External renders to fully visualise and communicate your projects design intent. More and more our clients require visuals to help planning submissions and market their schemes early in the project timescale. We can provide all your CGI needs providing photorealistic imagery using the latest software and technology.

Aerial CG images photo matched into aerial photography really gives a project impact and fully illustrates how a scheme sits within its surroundings. We are able to match schemes into aerial photography our clients already have or arrange a full package of aerial photography and drone images to deliver stunning aerial visuals.

We provide stunning internal renders showing space, function and flow of built areas and focus on key feature areas within buildings.


Reflect visuals was created to provide our customers with the CGI visuals they require to fully communicate and showcase their design ideas. Born from within HTC Architects who offer expert design to meet their architectural client’s needs Reflect Visuals has grown to provide services for HTC clients and standalone clients alike.  With a foundation set in Architecture we are well placed to provide all your architectural visual needs that reflect and capture your vision.